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"Connect The Missing Pieces to Marketing" Recorded Webinar

"Connect The Missing Pieces to Marketing" Recorded Webinar

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If you are in any line of business and work for yourself and struggle with marketing and really want to know the raw materials of marketing such as: how to grow your business and, understanding the backend of how things work this recorded webinar will be beneficial to connecting the pieces to marketing 

It is structured towards the issues I've encountered.. please be ready to take detailed notes bc i'am giving away lots of information .

Recorded Time : 2 hours | Def a game changer to Marketing | Direct and straight to the point with all the tools needed!!!

After purchasing file will be sent via email. If there's any issues please email:

Discussion: Topics that most do not share!!

This will be for those who  struggle with :

    • Analytics and understanding your data

    • Knowing how to pivot the market 

    • Apps used to increase your conversion rate

    • Running Facebook Ads 

    • Daily Focus / Plus More 

** This is not just for boutiques **
**No Matter What you are selling the concept is applied all around the board**
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