About Us




To all my Playhouse Gyrl’s … We wanna first thank you all for stopping by and showing “The Playhouse” love, your support never goes unnoticed. If you are visiting this page you are probably wondering who’s behind this business and who are you trusting with your purchases. Well here I’am, nice to me you!!! I’m Danni, a college graduate of North Carolina A&T State University with a background in Fashion Merchandising and Design with a certificate in Entrepreneurship . I’m super passionate about the backend of fashion and operations.. which leads me to let you all know I have my MBA in Logistics Management as well. Let me also, share a little more on my mission with D.G.P.

We are based out of Atlanta, GA (Online Only) We’ve been in business since 2013 and we are proud to say “The Playhouse” has come a long way and we are here to build and grow with our gyrls.

We value great customer service, effective communication with all matters, and fast shipping. We also, enjoy engaging and building business relationships.

Our Main goal is to provide the dopest, trendiest pieces and to keep them coming… there’s never a dull moment in the Playhouse…so keep us active!! Our price points are what’s attractive to our gyrls. We want to ensure we are keeping all items affordable while still valuing quality. We strive for great feedback and word of mouth!


Thank you,

Danni Gyrl💋