Danni's Birth Story


It's that time I share my "Birth Story" ... cause gyrllll when i tell you i went through so much on 4.20.23 ... I'm super blessed just to be here !!!

Let me start by telling yall this ... My entire pregnancy I experienced morning sickness .. where i just couldn't stomach breakfast and sometimes lunch and dinner. I could never figure out exactly what my baby enjoyed... so of course me being the gyrl that I'am,  i was just eating all type of shit testing the water everyday lol.

 None the less let's get into what took place on April 20th, 2023. I went in for my  non-stress test due to me being 39 weeks pregnant with a due date of April 27th... and of course i was still experiencing high blood pressure from my previous apts... so my doctor insisted that Coleah was just "READY"!! After accepting the fact that i would have to be induced an hour into my doctors apt... i was getting rolled in a wheelchair straight to Northside Labor & Delivery. Remind you, I was just there last week for lab work and was sent home bc everything came back just fine.... but this time, i was on a 4 day vacation straight to labor!!

After getting checked in and assigned to my room.. another blood pressure was taking which read 134/89 . My cervix was then checked and I was not dilated .. however due to blood pressure being elevated they decided to induce me. My blood was then drawn to check for CBC & Type and Screen and also the base line work was done  (PIH Lab) for pre-eclampsia / hypertension

By 7:53pm a Cervidil was inserted which, stayed in me until 8:10am the next morning (process takes about 12 hours) . My cervix had soften but was still closed.

What does Cervidil do for labor?

 A Cervidil is a vaginal insert that contains a type of medication called a prostaglandin. It helps jumpstart labor by softening the cervix and preparing it for birth. That's why it's typically used in women who need to have labor induced but whose cervix is closed or hasn't “ripened” yet.

After attempting Plan “A” with little to no results the doctor decided to try cytotec. It’s now 4/21 9:50am ..and ya gyrl is exhausted, nervous and scared more than anything . 4 hours later and I have yet to dilate.

What does cytotec do for labor? 

softening the cervix to allow easier dilation (known as "ripening")

2:40pm Plan C a cook catheter also known as a silicon balloon was placed in me with the hopes of me dilating.. with this process I dilated 3cm. I’ve now been in labor for almost 24 hours. The doctors recommended every process you can think of. 4:35pm, 2 ml of fentanyl & oxytocin was given to me to relieve my contraction.. who would ever think fentanyl only last for 15 mins, that was super pointless and I don’t recommend. I spent my whole night waiting to dilate. 

After unbearable pain, the doctor broke my water on 4/22 at 9:10am to encourage the dilating process. I was still experiencing high blood pressure and a high heart rate due to me being nervous. I had to make a decision by 9pm if I wanted to continue to wait or have a c-section. Around 8:30pm the doctor came and told me Coleah’s heart rate was decreasing and the longer I wait the more chance for an infection.

I then reached out to my home gyrl for advice and she called her aunt who is a doula and the advice she gave me was truly a blessing : 

“Speaking with my aunt now”

She is saying “At this point the blood pressure will continue to rise as they attempt to keep controlling it with med. the body is reacting to labor.

She does not recommend allowing Danni to be open ( vaginally too long ) bc it increases her risk of infection.

Being that her cervix was deemed short 3.5cm may be as far as her body will allow her to dilate due to her hormone levels.

She does recommends the c section so that she can have Coleah safely and swiftly and without adding stress to her in additional  to also being able to get control on Danni’s blood pressure after they get Coleah out and before she goes home.

Very important she does not go through postpartum preeclampsia”. 

9:30pm I made the decision to have a c-section based off the info I received and at 10:15pm Coleah was born. My c-section experience was a bit traumatizing due to having so many different drugs in me, my heart rate being high and being scared. I couldn’t find peace within myself during the process and really put up a fight during the process . Even though I did receive the epidural, I still felt the tugging and pulling but no pain. 

It’s a blessing that Coleah and I made it home safe .. and I was in good hands with my family.

Giving birth is such an experience and no matter if you have a birth plan, it’s really god’s plans. I do recommend if you are a 1st time mommy having a doula or a mid-wife, even though I didn’t have one I was blessed to have my friend Toni and her Aunt on Speed dial during my birth experience. 


Feel free to drop some love or share your experience or any questions ... I'm open to answering !!!

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Congratulations 😍💕💕she’s so beautiful.
Wishing you all the best 🫶🏾


Happy Mother’s Day! I’m glad to hear you had someone to advocate for your health and the well-being for baby girl! Such as blessing.


CONGRATULATIONS Danni and welcome to motherhood! You did a great job and you’re exactly right, it’s only God’s plan! My birthing experience was the exact same! And I hope for you an easy recovery from your c-section. After hearing what you went through during your pregnancy and you still kept your business up, you’re even more of an inspiration to me! Congratulations again.

Tyler Jenkins

Congratulations Dannigyrl I am happy that I have to the opportunity for you too share with us. Even though I am not able to have of my own.
but if meant i adopt will adopt god Willing
Thank you for sharing with me. Looking for more

Yiisha Arroyo

Happy first Mother’s Day! Many blessings to both of you! You carried your pregnancy so well. Glad that you and baby Coleah are home and happy. This is just the beginning!


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